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      It amazes me how wood last over even steel.
Our first real renovation was redoing and old apartment building. We are talking 1800 old were the steel in the building showed signs of rust but the wood structure was just as strong as the day it was built. This is do to wood having the ability of taking in moisture and drying with out effecting the long term properties of the material. To much moisture with out proper drying can end up in a root like steel rusts. But over all from our point of view wood and homes is still a very good investment. See our Home Improvement Displays

June through August 2018


    Structural repair starting at 38.95 per hour

RD FORD Does a variety of Home Improvement. Looking for structural and sill repair one or two story home that is letting that cold frost find its way into your basement, home or heated garage.
RD FORD has a in-house designed system to do the repair for a variety of buildings, Sun-rooms, Home, Garage / Porch and Deck Leveling. Also visit
E-Mail ; RDFORDS@COMCAST.NET or message through "Facebook"

     Kitchen and Bath Remodel Est. based on $36.95 per hour.
Light "Cad" design. Windows / Door and Storm Door replacement. Please call for estimate.Your Home Improvement Done for Less. 
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     Drafty door. Repair the snow and ice damage done to the door seals.Weather seal replacement $49.95 per door. Includes door sweep.

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Small business, References, Over 25 year in business.
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Travel time per hourly is subject to a $29.95 service fee.
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